Super Talent Party – Where Did All The Scallops Go?


The Super Talent party at the Grand Hyatt Taipei was the party with the 474 empty USB flash drives. They had a contest to see who can guess how many flash drives were in the bottle. My guess of 498 came closest and I won a 2GB Super Talent M3 player. To add insult to injury, I won another Super Talent MP3 player in the random draw. I made Sarah go up and claim it because I didn’t want to upset too many people. As you can see in the above photo, Stephen is already crying.

We get invited to a lot of parties because we’re a lot of fun. As the Super Talent rep said, “It’s never boring when John Chow is in the house.” I made great use of the Super Talent projector screen to check how flat my hair was. I was told it’s best to do this when there is no presentation running, but where’s the fun in that?


Where Did All The Scallops Go?

Super Talent had some really great tasting scallops at their party. However, they all disappeared. This video answers the questions about the disappearing scallops.