Stop Selling and Start Compelling

How To Stop Selling and Start Compelling was the title of the presentation given by Jason Bax for the Vancouver Business Network. The meetup was held at the ING Direct lobby in downtown Vancouver and centered around what Jason calls Demotainment.

What Is Demotainment?

A demo is a method of showing by example rather than simple explanation. Entertainment is providing passive fun, enjoyment and laughter. Demotainment equals Demo plus Entertainment.

Less Selling, More Compelling

According to Jason, the rules of the sales pitch have changed. In this age of short attention span brought on by increased technology and social media, people can easily avoid a sales pitch. To attract today’s new customer (or blog readers) you need to focus less on selling and more on being compelling. This is where Demotainment comes in.

Jason showed many examples of Demotainment videos that does a great job pitching without pitching. Here are a few.

All the above videos were huge successes for their creators and in the case of Blendtec, it came out of nowhere to become a $200 million company. And it was largely thanks those “Will it Blend?” videos. Those videos don’t do any selling, but they are extremely compelling.

You don’t need to be a big company to use Demotainment. Any blogger can use it to help his blog stand out from the crowd. The acronym D.E.M.O.T. will help you remember the rules of the new pitch:

  • D = Demonstrate. Show us don’t tell us.
  • E = Entertain your audience using fun, shock or awe.
  • M = Make it short.
  • O = Original and outstanding.
  • T = Tell them exactly what to do next

You can see more examples of Demotainment videos and get advice on how to create your own at Jason’s blog, Business Unusual.

Jason’s presentation was very compelling and entertaining. I took away some key points that I know will help improve my blog. There was a video recording made of Jason’s presentation. I will try to get a copy to put on YouTube.