Stepping Up To The Sushi Bar At Sushi Land


Marinepolis Sushi Land is an extremely successful Japanese restaurant in the Seattle area. Sarah first took me there when we were dating. Since then, Sushi Land has expanded to nine locations (5 in Washington State and 4 in Oregon). We went for lunch at the Bellevue location. It’s easy to see why Sushi Land has gown so much. The place is always packed with people. No matter what time of the day you hit Sushi Land, you can expect to wait for a seat.

Sushi Land is like a very big sushi bar. The sushi plates are placed on a belt that moves around the entire bar – see something you like, just grab it. It’s very informal dinning because you never know who is going to sit at the chair next to you. As you can see from the above picture, you’re seated pretty close to the next person. The chairs really aren’t that comfortable. The restaurant is designed to get you in and get you out as soon as possible. Sushi Land also does a huge take out business.

Here Comes The Sushi


All the sushi are made in house by the chefs working behind the bar. The sushi is divided into four plate groups. The color of the plate tells you the price: green plates are $1 each, pink plates are $1.50, blue plates are $2.00 and purple plates are $3.00. In addition, there are some side items that you can order for additional cost, like a Miso soup or bottomless Diet Coke for $1.00.


Not all items at Sushi Land make it to the belt. If you don’t see it on the belt, you can order it from the menu by asking one of the sushi chefs to make it for you. They generally makes more than you order and place the extra on the belt.


The quality of the sushi at Sushi Land is very good and the instant you bite into it, you’ll understand why this place is so popular.

Did We Really Eat This Much?


Sarah and I consumed 15 plates of sushi plus two Miso soups for our lunch. That seems like a lot to me until I found out that the Sushi Land Plate Champion, Erik “The Red” Denmark, consumed 58 plates of Sushi at one seating! I can only imagine what his bill came to. At least he got a free T Shirt.

Lunch for the two of us came to only $30 with tips. That’s very reasonable and another reason why Sushi Land is so popular. Here’s a video of the restaurant.