Starting September On a High Note

If the first four days of this month is any indication, September is going to be a really good month. A check of my stats shows I’m running 40% higher revenue this month than last. And last month was a fairly good month. I expect site revenues to continue up till the end of November, which traditionally is the best month of the year.

With kids going back to school, it’s time to really crank out the content. I will be restarting Laptop Gamers and Digital Grabber. I haven’t done much with those sites since I put the case study on hold. Even though the sites haven’t been updated in a long time they still make about $300 each month. That’s a pretty good testament to the residual income potential of the internet. If I do nothing with the sites, they will continue to make me $300 every month for the foreseeable future. That’s the same as having a $60,000 bond paying me 6% interest. And those sites were started for zero dollars.

I can not stress enough that NOW is the time start or gear your sites up. September marks the end of Q3 and the start of Q4. You’ll want your sites ready before Q4. Believe me; you don’t want to miss this train!