Start Your Own TweetUp with TweetUp Theme

My friend Shoemoney has just put the finishing touches to TweetUp Theme and it’s going to change the way Twitter users set up and organize TweetUps.

TweetUp Theme makes it incredibly easy to put together an entire web site for your TweetUp or event. With TweetUp theme you don’t have to worry about any of the difficult aspects of building or maintaining a site. Simply upload the TweetUp theme into your WordPress themes folder, change a few simple settings, and enter your event just like a normal WordPress post.

Some of the key advantage TweetUp Theme offers include:

  • Much simpler interface and much cheaper then (which costs $250 per year).
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Full integration with the Twitter API so users can register and retweet.
  • Full integration with the Google Maps API so users can find there way 😉
  • Have full control over the look and feel of your website

TweetUp Theme comes in two versions – Standard and Deluxe – and sells for $47 and $297 respectively. The nice thing is, 100% of the proceeds that Shoe makes from TweetUp Them will go to charity – The Lincoln City People’s Mission. Shoe raised over $30,000 for the mission last year and he hopes to top that this year. You can help by purchasing a copy of TweetUp Theme. I think I will use the theme to set up future Dot Com Pho events.

Start Your Own TweetUp with TweetUp Theme