Start A Blog: Just Jump In!

There are many bloggers in the blogsphere right now; according to Technorati there are approximately 71 million. I bet there are even more people wanting to start a blog but are waiting for that one thing to push them into blogging. What you have probably heard a thousand times and I tell my readers this all the time, is to create a web site or blog about something you are passionate about and enjoy. That is probably the best way to jump into blogging. There are two advantages to starting out this way:

  1. You teach yourself the basics before tackling a real money maker.
  2. It will be easy to write because it’s a topic you enjoy writing about.

So let’s say that you’re crazy about sky diving on a beautiful island like Hawaii. Why not create a nice informative web site about the location with supplemental and related information?

How can creating a site that interests me help?

Starting something new that you’re not familiar with can be extremely frustrating. If you know nothing or very little about how the internet works, how website marketing works & how affiliate marketing works it’s unlikely that you will be able to create a web site that can compete with the thousands of other developed sites out there. So it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to just jump into blogging.

To help you with this idea, let me tell you about my experience. I did a lot of research before jumping into the deep end. You see a lot of bloggers start with a personal blog first because they want to write about everything under the blue sky. Well, I began with a niche in mind and learned how to do things as I went. I created a site on a topic that I knew a lot about. This way, I put more passion into the site rather than write about what happened to me on the freeway today. Also, there was less competition in the area and it helped me get a feel for what worked and what didn’t work.

The best advice I can give you if you are starting a new blog is to make sure it’s a topic you enjoy.

This post was guest blogged by Jane May. She teaches readers how to create and monetize blogs on Daily Web Ideas.