Stand Out From The Crowd With A Favicon

Quite a few readers have requested I made a favicon for this blog so it can be found easier among their maze of the bookmarks. A favicon is a little image icon to help identify a site. If a site lacks a favicon.ico file, then the default icon of the web browser is used.

The majority of sites and blogs lacks a favicon.ico file and end up using the default. One way to make you blog stand out in the bookmarks is to make a custom icon. The process is actually quite simple. You make a small 16×16 pixel GIF or PNG image that is associated with your site and save it as favicon.ico file. Then you upload the file to your site’s root folder.

Normally, this would be enough to make the icon appear next to the browser address line. However, to make absolutely sure, add the following codes in-between the head tags:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="">
<link rel="icon" href="">

Just change the above URL to the URL of your favicon.ico file and you’re set. Now, whenever you visit my blog, you will see a JC icon next to the address line and if you bookmark it, the icon will show up in your bookmarks as well. If a reader has a ton of bookmarks, it will help my blog to stand out among all those blogs without a favicon.

A big thanks to Justin of My PC Rig for drawing my icon.