Sponsored Tweets Adds Sponsor Me Feature

During IZEAFest, CEO Ted Murphy unveiled a new feature for Sponsored Tweets call Sponsor Me. The feature is designed to help tweeters get more sponsored opportunities by sending traffic directly to their customize profile page on Sponsored Tweets. This makes it a lot easier for an advertiser to order a tweet from you. What’s more, if the advertiser is new, you will earn 5% of Sponsored Tweets cut on every transaction that the advertiser completes for a period of two years. Here’s how to set it up.

Grab Your Sponsor Me Badge

Log into your account at Sponsored Tweets and go into the referral section. Scroll down to the section that says, “your public profile” and grab the Sponsor Me badge. Alternatively, you can use the bit.ly link. Put the badge on your blog, use the link in your twitter stream, blog post, advertise page, email marketing, etc.

Sponsored Tweets

Your Sponsored Tweets Profile Page

When people click on your Sponsored Me link they will land on a custom profile page featuring your information. From there, they can create an opportunity just for you without having to be a current Sponsored Tweets customer or get into a more complicated transaction. And of course, if the advertiser is new, you’ll earn 5% on whatever they order from any tweeters for the next two years. This is on top of the money you’ll make from doing the tweet (you’ll make 5% on your own tweet as well).

Sponsored Tweets Profile

Promote Me (or Anyone Else) and Earn a Referral Fee

This is a cool little trick you can use to earn referral income by sending traffic to popular tweeters. Every tweeter in Sponsored Tweets has a public profile and you can use your referral code to point to any of them. If you think you have a better chance of landing me a gig than you do of getting one yourself, You can do that by simply changing your Sponsor Me link code.


For example, If I want to create a link to sponsor Zac Johnson, I would merely change the /JohnChow?… part of the link to /moneyreign?… If any new advertiser goes to Zac’s profile via my link, I will get 5% on whatever is ordered for the next two years. You can use this method to point to any profile page and get referral credit for the transaction.

The Easiest Way To Make Money from Twitter

Sponsored Tweets is really starting to take off. So far this month, I am averaging almost one new paid tweet per day. If this holds up, it will mean over $3,000 per month in additional online income that takes just a few minute to do. No doubt it, Sponsored Tweets is the easiest way to make money from Twitter.

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