Sponsored Tweets Adds An API

Sponsored Tweets has released their API into the Twitter community. This will help Twitter services earn money off their user base and help tweeters in the Sponsored Tweets network get more paid tweets.

If you operate a site that displays different Twitter users (Klout, WeFollow, Spymaster, etc.), then chances are you might be interested in our API. Our API allows you to query our service to find out if a Twitter user is in our system and, if so, will return you information about them. Our hopes are that you can use this to put a “Sponsor Me” button by those users. This button would link to the users profile page on Sponsored Tweets, allowing an advertiser to hire them. You can earn a portion of the money any new advertisers spend in our system!

The new API could add up to a nice revenue stream for the bigger Twitter services like WeFollow and Klout. I’m sure a good percentage of their users are members of Sponsored Tweets. By displaying a “Sponsor Me” button next to those users, WeFollow and Klout could earn 5% of whatever the advertise spends on Sponsored Tweets for the next two years. I think I will add the API to Twitter Follower. To use the API, you must be a Sponsored Tweets tweeter.

For Twitter users who are already members of Sponsored Tweets, this will help get them more exposure for their profile which could lead to more sponsored opportunities. Sponsored Tweets is becoming one of my most profitable income sources. If you haven’t join yet, then you should seriously consider it. Sponsored Tweets does not cost anything to join and you are under no obligation to run any tweets that you don’t feel comfortable with. You have total control over which tweets you accept and which ones you reject. The only requirement is your Twitter account must be at least 120 days old.

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