Spinning Old Blog Posts

Today I took some older blog posts about my trip to Computex and turned it into an article for The TechZone. My blog readers will be able to pick out the blog posts from the new stuff. However, to readers of TTZ, the article is brand new.

This recycling of older posts into a new article is one of the best ways to create new content. It’s also one of the easiest ways to create new content because much of the work has already been done. This type of repackaging is really nothing new – magazines do it all the time. Pick up this month’s issue of Cosmo and compare the headlines to an issue from a year ago. You’ll find they’re still writing about the same thing.

I always laugh whenever another site owner tells me there is nothing to write about. There is always something to write about. You can not tell me that there is nothing happening in the niche that you are covering. And if you’re covering tech, don’t even tell me there’s nothing to write about! Remember, content equal traffic and traffic equal money. If you stop updating your site, your traffic will fall, and with it your online income. Repackaging articles is just one way of many ways to keep content flowing on a site.

I’ll post about other ways in a future blog post.