Speaking At The 5G Shanghai

Speaking at the Shanghai 5G

While Vancouver has Dot Com Pho, Shanghai has the 5G. The 5G Shanghai is a weekly meet up group of business professionals. Like Dot Com Pho, they get to together every Saturday to meet, greet, network and talk about technology and the Internet. Unlike Dot Com Pho, the group is very business oriented and features a weekly keynote speaker. Some of the past speakers included Pang Shengdong, CEO of 51.com (the MySpace of China) and Zhang Tao, CEO of Dianping.com (The Zagat of China).

5G Shanghai invited me to be the keynote speaker for today’s event. I wasn’t exactly sure what to talk about until I met up with one of 5G’s founders, Jian Shuo Wang (CEO of China’s largest online classified, baixing.com), a few days ago. He told me to talk about making money online because everyone wants to know how to make money online. A topic right up my alley!

The toastmaster of the 5G Shanghai was Michael Meng of PR Newswire Asia. He introduced me to the group and interpreted my speech for those who don’t understand English.

The 5G group is extremely sharp and asked a lot of good questions. It was a really nice atmosphere and I had a great time. Thanks to Ying Zheng for inviting me. If you want to associate with some of Shanghai brightest movers and shakers, check out the 5G Shanghai.

The power of association is alive and well in China.