Spammer Make Fools of Google

The author of the following article wish to remain anonymous.

We have all heard the myths and the current rhetoric about Google being able to determine a websites theme, catch duplicate content easily, set a quality on links, etc. This doesn’t mean Google can’t be fooled.

Mark Moore, President of, wanted to hit the number one spot for “metal buildings” in Google and rank for thousands of other industry terms such as “steel buildings”, metal garages, etc. What did Mark do to achieve this? He (or someone he hired) “spamdex” his site to the top by using an estimated 6000 plus domains all with an identical, duplicated, replicated web site template and exact same content in all of them.

How do I get the count of 6000 plus? By doing a very simple linkdomain request in Yahoo, and checking how many of the 1000 results I can see are these sites. Of the 1000, 642 were. This web site has 9600 or so links, so it is safe to estimate 6000 of them are this same thing.

Why didn’t Google’s vaunted algorithm catch this blatant attempt to spam their index? I have no idea. However, if Google haven’t noticed before, I’m sure they’ll notice real soon.

The website spamming is they currently rank number one for “metal buildings” and hold decent rankings for thousands of other keywords and phrases. The list of sites they own and replicate include: