Sony RX100 V Unboxing and Video Test

As many of you know from my last Driving with John Chow episode, I am racking up the air miles with long trip across the pond to the United Kingdom.

Besides the normal tech gears that travels with me, I’ve decided to add a new digital camera to the carry on bag. The new Sony RX100 V will serve as a backup to my Sony A7R II. Unlike the big A7R, the RX100 is a point and shoot digital camera that can be taken anywhere. However, it’s unlike any point and shoot you’ve ever seen. For starters, the thing cost $998. That makes it more expensive than many DSLRs!

Watch the videos below to see my unboxing of the RX100 and the first video I made with it. If you’re looking for a super high quality digital camera that you can take anywhere, the Sony RX100 V is it.

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