Someday I Will Make Money Online

Imagine walking into a condominium presale event. You ask the sale representative when the condo will be ready to move in, and she replies, “Oh, we hope to get it completed someday.” Would you put money down on that product? The amazing this is, this is the kind of response I get when I ask people when they plan to start on their goal of making money online.

Someday I Will Make Money Online

The easiest way to tell a successful person from an unsuccessful one is by the language he use. When you talk to a successful person about his goals, he’ll tell you what he plans to do and when it will be done. When an unsuccessful person talks about his goals (assuming he even has one), you’ll hear something along the lines of, “I hope to do this someday.”

What I’m about to tell you is really important. You should print it out and put it on your wall or refrigerator.

There are seven days in a week, and Someday isn’t one of them.

We all have goals and dreams. The only difference between a goal and a dream is a goal is a dream with action. Have you made a goal to achieve your dreams? If so, did you place a time limit on it, or do you hope to get to it someday?

You know why a person with a loser’s mentality always use words like someday, I hope or I wish? He does it because it gives him an out and not be accountable to his word. If he was to place a time limit on the goal and doesn’t do it, he fails, and a loser hates failing. Winners have no fear of failing because they know success is made from a string of failures.

A Goal Without a Time Limit Is No Goal

If you wish to achieve anything in life, you have to place a time limit on it. A time limit forces you to take action instead of sitting on the couch saying someday I’ll get there. Don’t be afraid to fail. Know that failure is required in order to succeed. Making a living off the Internet is something many people wants to do. It’s something many of my friends dream of doing. However, after all these years, only two have actually done it. You know why? They actually listen to me when I said, “Go build a site.” Others whom I shared the same advice to were all positive, “Ya! Sounds great, I need to do this. Working at a job sucks!”

I’m still waiting to see the sites. I’m sure they’ll get to it someday.

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