Some Pics Of My Ride

My current ride is a 2003 Acura RSX. I purchased this car brand new from Lougheed Acura in Coquitlam. With not even 50KM on it, I started modifying the car because I can’t leave well enough alone. The first mods were new wheels and tires. I still have the original wheels and tires in the garage. I was going to sell them but never got around to it. If anyone is in the market for some 2003 RSX wheels/tire with less than 50KM on them, give me a shout.

Other mods followed; C-West body kit, lowering, AEM intake, custom painting of engine pieces and brake calipers, custom grill, JDM headlights with HID lighting, and a 1000 Watt custom installed (complete with TTZ logo etched on glass) Alpine sound system. All in all, I think the mods cost almost as much as the car.

As much fun as the RSX has been, I am going to get a new car next year. Hopefully, I will find a buyer who will recognize all the work I put into the RSX and take good care of it.

If I haven’t met Sarah, I would have gotten rid of the RSX a lot sooner and I’ll be driving a Z06 right now. Sarah has done a great job redirecting our money into buying more assets and fewer toys. This doesn’t mean I can’t spend $100,000 on a new car. I certainly can and she wouldn’t get mad at me for doing so. However, my financial planning background says $100,000 invested at 12% for 10 years equals $310,584.82, where as the $100,000 car is worth $10,000 in 10 years (if even that).

One of these days, I’m going to make a post about opportunity cost and the time value of money. Until then, enjoy the photos.