Some Photos of My New Tesla Model X

After waiting for nine long months, I finally took delivery of my Tesla Model X. I ordered the car the day after Elon Musk unveiled it to the world back in September, 2015. I don’t believe I have waited this long for anything before.

My Model X is the top of line (the final price came to almost $150K) P90D with Ludicrous Mode. It can go from zero to 60mph is 3.2 seconds. Yes, it is faster than my Jaguar. And it can carry up to seven people and their luggage thanks to a trunk and a frunk.

The most eye-popping feature of the Model X are, of course, those falcon doors. Sally calls it the coolest thing ever. The other standout feature is the giant windshield that extends all the way to the passenger area. When driving, it feels like you’re inside an airplane canopy.

Look for the Tesla Edition of Driving with John Chow real soon!








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