Some Photos From The Epic Direct Party at Playboy Mansion

For those who couldn’t be there, here are some SFW (sorry, I can’t post any NSFW) photos from the Epic Direct LA extravaganza at the Playboy Mansion. For the past two years, Epic Direct has thrown the party of all industry parties at the Playboy Mansion. The party is for its best affiliates who all earned their way there through a four-month contest culminating in an all-expenses paid weekend in Los Angeles and this private party at the famous Playboy Mansion.

This year, they did it all again – but differently and even better. They threw an afternoon BBQ complete with volleyball, tours of the Mansion and petting zoo, plenty of pool activities, hula hooping contests, and much more. The best part: Hugh Hefner himself was a guest at this year’s party!

All in all, it was a day and weekend to remember for the lucky attendees. Epic’s Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sprouse, who along with his team (including Tristan Laughton, who took Hef’s pic) pioneered the contest three years ago and oversees the weekend’s festivities, believes this was the best year yet!

Hef Started Playboy Because He Couldn’t Get a $5 Raise

The above photo of Hef on the 5 Dollar bill was sent to him from Esquire, which was where Hef initially worked. They wouldn’t give him a $5 raise, and so he left and built Playboy. Years later, Esquire sent him the huge $5 bill telling Hef they would gladly give him a raise if he came back to work for them. Fat chance of that now!

How To Get Invited To The Next Party

The Epic Direct party is by invite only. To be invited to a future event, you have to be an Epic Direct publisher (sign up here) and then be among their top 50 affiliates. Epic does invite a few affiliates who are out of the top 50 list (with contests and drawings) so everyone has a chance of going. However, you have to be an Epic publisher first so sign up now if you haven’t done so.

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