Some Great TTZ Media Integration

TTZ Media has been live for only a few days and already I’ve seen some great integration into affiliate members’ websites. I figure I’ll use this post to show off some the techniques a few of the affiliates are using to highlight TTZ Media ads.

Integration Is The Key

TTZ Media ads are no different than Google ads in the sense that you have to make them look like part of the site to get maximum results. This is why we’ve made the ads so customizable. We are the only ad network that allows affiliates to control the font style and hover link color. Check out the integration by these affiliates.

Embedding The Ads Into The Article

TTZ Media works best if you embed the ads right into the article. This is especially true if your article matches the very item the ad is showing. You can see a great example of this in the review of the ATP Electronics Pro Mx 4GB SD card by Futurelooks. Futurelooks made the ad look like part of the article by labellings it as “Real-Time Price and Stock Check.” A reader would see this as more of a service than an ad. Here’s another examples by Blue Tomorrow and Think Computers.

The Shopping Guide

Don’t have a product on hand to actually review and write about? Try creating a shopping guide and recommend some products that you have used in the past. TTZ Media is ideal for shopping guides because it’ll show your readers where to buy the products.

You can see an example of a shopping guide using TTZ Media ads over at Their Performance System Buying Guide, Mainstream System Guide and Budget System Guide has done very well for them. The cool thing is as new and better products come onto the market, you can add them and update the guide for an instant new article.

We’re coming into the holiday shopping season and people loves shopping ideas. Why not make use TTZ Media to create a holiday gift guide? You can see an example of last year’s gift guide at The TechZone. I know a few affiliates will be making Black Friday guides using TTZ Media ads. The list can be endless. Thanksgiving gift guide, Christmas gift guide, gifts for dad, gifts for students, gifts to kiss and makeup, etc.

When TTZ Media ads are used as part of a shopping guide or embedded as part of a review, the eCPM can get as high as $12. It goes through the roof if you can get the review/guide to the front page of Digg or Slashdot. If you haven’t taken advantage of it yet, you should.

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