SOHO HO Christmas Networking Party


Last night, SOHO held their year end Christmas networking party at the Caprice night club in downtown Vancouver. The party is a good place to network with local business people from Vancouver and the lower mainland. The Caprice night club is also a great place to hold the event. It’s big enough to accommodate everyone but not so big that you’ll get lost in the crowd.

For those who don’t know, SOHO stands for Small Office Home Office and is a resource site for all SOHO users to generate leads and business contacts. While all that sound well and good, the only thing I know about SOHO is they put on a nice party. However, the amount of food was lacking and we ended up eating somewhere else after. Sarah did a great job at no limit poker until the end, when she went all in with an ace six and lost. Good thing it was only for play money.

Unlike last month’s Mini Massive, the SOHO HO was packed to the limit. The general consensus was the party was a huge success and I look forward to more SOHO events in the future.