Social Media Tools to Increase Engagement

No one can underestimate the power of social media. Marketing has gotten much easier because content is now going viral within hours compared to taking several months. It’s no secret networks like,, Google and Pinterest are all cashing in making millions of dollars each year. Personally, they’re well deserved of the success because they’ve made our lives easier by allowing us to get our high value content in front of people quickly. Solutions to common problems are easier to find and this has definitely helped everyone. However, social network does require a lot of work starting with building your network of followers. After, you have to continuously post content with the right #hashtags hoping that it’ll get discovered. Not to mention, there’s a lot of emphasis put on time & date because you have to make sure you post during times when people are engaging the most. There is a (+) side to everything…

Companies are making millions of dollars developing tools to automate the entire process which is making it easier for users to utilize social networks. Streamlining content sharing has not only excelled social growth, but created an environment to increase blog traffic, brand awareness, profits, etc.

It’s time to focus on cool social media tools that many of you may not have utilized. These tools streamline social engagement and cut down the management time.

A tool which you can utilize to engage followers across several social platforms. This tool is unique because it allows you to easily curate content from several places online publishing it under your profile. Sometimes to increase your social popularity you need to be a hub for high value content and allows you to do just that. You can generate content ideas grabbing the most popular online and scheduling posts on different platforms. It automates the entire process so you have time to focus on the things that matter to you.

Drum Up

An awesome and free social media management tool that has developed and leveraged some advanced features. The tool has an awesome interface and is very easy to use so you don’t need extensive experience when getting started. Social platform is all about getting the best content in front of people and the content doesn’t have to be yours. People have done very well gathering the best posts online and sharing them allowing them to build their brand at the same time. This tool is unique because it uses advanced algorithms to find relevant content to share on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s the cool thing…

Once you’ve found content to be shared, it can be queued, edited, scheduled and tracked for engagement. DrumUp will NOT only pick out the trending topics, but the most recent so you and your followers stay relevant. Here’s something suggested…

“It’s a great tool for small businesses, startups and social media managers, who are often time strapped, but still need to maintain an active social media presence.”


If your looking for a tool that does it all then this should be your number #1 choice. It’s great to bring everything under control by compressing everything under one dashboard. You’ll be able to organize, manage and track all your social media efforts. You can combine everything so you’ll be managing your social media engagement from a single account. With this tool you can post on your social media account, schedule, post on your blog, edit, comment and track statistics from your dashboard.

If you have more than one person in your business that will be managing your account then Postling will help you manage everyone by connecting them to your account. The interface has a statistics dashboard to monitor and track activity so you can tweak performance with visual aids such as statistics and graphs.

Many of these tools are sophisticated and you need to give them a try to fully understand what they are capable of. I suggest signing up for the FREE trial and see how it helps your bottom-line. If your saving enormous time than these tools should be utilized so you can focus on other important elements like customer service, content, optimization, conversions, etc.

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