7 Steps to Boost Social Media

Nobody can deny the growing importance of social media as a great digital marketing tool that can offer greater marketing mileage for a brand, business, product or service than any other tool.

Content shared on social media platforms can easily be evolved into the most powerful marketing and advertising tools and tactics to enhance audience engagement with an intention to get more sales and leads as well. According to digital marketing experts, brands and businesses of all types must be investing in social media marketing in order to keep their existing and potential customers engaged and to provide them with details and information they need before placing an order. Otherwise, they will lose out a lot of social media customers/clients which means a bad impact on bottom line.

Since it is not always reasonable for small businesses to spend lots of bucks on social media marketing, they can do it by their own in order to keep customers connected with the business or brand via social media. Hence, giant businesses and brands often pay for SMM services in order to maintain a good balance between paid and organic reach. In this article, we have gathered some actionable steps to boost your social media strategy for greater brand exposure and customer engagement.

Set your Social Media Goals

Having solid and easily chase-able goals and objectives is always vital in order to land success on your way and you must also set social media goals before you kick start promoting your business or brand on social media. In simple words, you will not be able to measure or develop your social media strategies if you don’t have solid goals and objectives to get started. It is also vital that your social media goals should align with your marketing campaign to get more from your efforts.

As the visual below reports, people with a goal in mind are going to see upwards of 10X more success. However, if you actually take those goals, write them down and put them into action, you are more than 30X likely to see such goals come true.

With so many moving facets of social media and online marketing, it’s almost a requirement to always have your goals written down. Otherwise, you will likely forget them and miss out on the great ideas and opportunities you had in your mind.

Tailor Your Content Accordingly

Posting the same content on different social media platforms is one of the worst social media marketing mistakes that every business or brand should avoid in order to get more exposure. When you share same content on all your social media profiles, you are failed to deliver excellent and unique user experience that social media users are looking for. In results, same content shared on social media simply will not deliver the outcomes you want from your social media strategy. For instance, Pinterest and Instagram users are more interested in visual content and will provide you more exposure for your brand or company when you share high-quality images, videos and graphics to tell your story.

Decide on a Posting Schedule

Posting content on social media platforms randomly is not a characteristic of a great social media strategy. On another hand, posting with consistency can greatly intensify expectancy for your social media content, interest in your brand, and overall user engagement. Having a posting schedule at place can help you convey your message more effectively. For example, if you are using Instagram as your favorite social media platform to get reach target audience, you can schedule Instagram posts according to your posting schedule in order to get them published with consistency. In this way, orderliness is easier than ever and time is also saved for other productive things.

Social media scheduling tools like Postcron have made this process extremely easy. Everything is done right through their drag and drop platform, with no coding and logging back and forth between social accounts required.

Engage Commenters Quickly

As most of the social media networks rely on their unique algorithms to determine the reliability and usefulness of the content about whether to display prominently or not, keeping commenters engaged as quickly as possible is the best way to get more exposure for your business or brand. Always be quick to respond your commenters if you really want to keep them engaged as well as to boost customer trust by replying their queries in real time.

On Facebook, posts with more comments are often displayed more prominently to the users. You can easily keep your commenters engaged by having a dedicated social media professional who is ready to react and respond to user comments.

Also, if you want to see the fastest engagement and social response from your audience, try using a meme or pics of an animal. These always work like are charm, and are the basics of social media marketing 101.

Develop a Multichannel Approach

After the growing popularity of Twitter and Facebook, now it seems that Instagram is the much loved social media platform for marketers to reach more users. That is they reason, a brand or company must have a multichannel approach when it comes to promote products or services via social media marketing because it is not sure that which social media platform will be favorite of social media marketers.

Most of the marketers and small business owners use a variety of social media networks to reach more target audience. The problem with this scenario is being able to effectively grow your follower count and postings across each of these platforms. We already talked about the importance of social scheduling, but the concept of pre-loading accounts with new followers, likes, and shares is also an option. This is somethings brands like Famoid.com have offered for a while now and have seen a lot of success.

There are many pros and cons to buying social growth and engagement, but it’s also one of the best ways to give your campaigns and reach a kick-start. It was also proven through various online reports and studies that a great majority of celebrity followers are either fake or purchased through various social services.

Measure Strategy Success through Analytics

On-site and off-site analytics can be a great way to determine whether your current social media strategy is working properly for you or there is need to make some alterations for better outcomes. Most of the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide on-site analytics to check things like follower growth, user engagement and distribution etc. that can be used to plan things in future. A lot of off-site analytics tools are also available nowadays that can be used for different social media platforms to measure the performance.

Remarketing to Your Social Audience

With so many different opportunities available for advertising and marketing online, it’s amazing that more individuals and brands aren’t taking advantage of what social media and remarketing/retargeting has to offer. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all offered targeted advertising campaigns that allow advertisers to show ads to site visitors, email list subscribers, and many other custom audiences.

If you aren’t currently taking advantage of these targeted ad campaigns, not only will you be wasting time and money, you will also be missing out on HUGE conversion jumps as well.

How to Get the Best Social Media Results in 2019

In summary, if you want to grow your reach and following on each of the major social platforms, you are going to need to put in some quality time and effort into the following areas:

  • Content creation
  • Scheduling and automation
  • Outreach and engagement

Each of these elements play a huge role in your eventual success on each platform. The brands that are seeing the best results, are the ones that have mastered these three elements and built a custom content creation and marketing plan for each social platform.