Social Media Strategies You Probably Haven’t Heard Of!

Social media is changing quickly over the recent years with much of the change having to do with people understanding its true potential. The entire landscape has changed over the last couple of years, which is amazing because it’s opening new doors for content marketers. What used to take 2 years to gain momentum is now taking a few hours. Posts are going viral quickly, which is something we only imagined a few years back. Here’s something else that is awesome about social media…

Bloggers are writing cool case studies on how to effectively market content through social platforms. These studies are showing bloggers like me how to utilize different platforms more effectively. Here’s what I learned by doing a quick search in Google for “unique social media strategies” = Infographics

One thing that was made very apparent is loves infographics because they tell a complete story quickly to the visitor. as a social platform has been optimized to display images quickly, which is what visitors are looking for. In my previous content, I write about how visitors have an abundance of information available to them so won’t spend hours reading content they don’t need to. If you want to resonate with readers quickly, then give them a form of content they can understand and relate to. has done a great job by creating an interface that displays images and/or infographics in its entirety. Next,

They came up with a genius way to allow bloggers to post content quickly.

It’s all About the Timing

If you want to get the most out of a social media campaign, then you have to know the peak performance times for different networks. I’ve written several posts that outline the peak times for and so be sure to take a quick look before you start posting your content. I strongly recommend this to all bloggers who are looking to generate traffic through social platforms because choosing the wrong time can be the difference between a successful campaign and one that simply produces little results. Keep these things in mind…

Every niche is different so utilize some of the cool free tools available to analyze your niche. Simply Measured has awesome social media tools that can answer these questions for you.

Twitter Accounts Rank in SERP

Did you know that having a popular keyword as your username can help you rank well within Google? Neil Patel actually pointed this out and I tried it, but just couldn’t get the right keyword for my niche. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to capitalize on a keyword targeted within your niche. When Neil was performing a search for keyword “motivational speaker”, he noticed the following…


image from

You’ll notice that the person is ranking for the exact keyword and it’s a social media account (Twitter). This means you can optimize your SEO campaign if you have a solid keyword for your anchor text. does have value within Google for the following reasons…

  • Authority domain
  • High domain authority
  • The #hashtags format is a great internal linking format that increases page authority
  • It’s constantly getting new content added, which falls under the freshness update

If you are going to be utilizing, and want to rank for keywords, you have to target a popular keyword. Next, you want to keep engaging visitors by posting fresh new content so Google knows you’re actively publishing new content. Imagine your website ranking within Google and you stop posting content, you’ll drop quickly within the SERP’s. It’s important to follow the same concept when ranking social profiles.

I have no experience with other profiles and if they actually rank just as good, however, I would assume if you can find a high traffic keyword, you’ll have no problem. There are many high authority domains like Twitter, i.e., Facebook, Pinterest, etc., but you have to ensure you have the right keyword and URL structure….

Drive Traffic by Simply Linking

Here’s another cool strategy that performs well in increasing brand awareness and traffic. Many people are using to promote products and services and it can be a funnel for relevant traffic because visitors perform targeted searches. If you have a product with several videos, then it’s important to create a channel linking all relevant videos together. Why?

When visitors are watching a video on your channel, you can set it up so that other relevant videos are displayed or even randomly played once the initial video has finished. A great example of this strategy is John Chow and you can see it for yourself by watching his video series. Watch this video and notice the way all videos have been interlinked and some randomly play. Here’s an example…

How I Work 2 Hours A Day

This strategy works so well because you know that someone is already interested in your niche and gives you control over each separate video. I can link or even promote separate products through different videos, so having them play randomly will increase the chance of the same visitors watching the relevant video, increasing conversions on different products.

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