Snap Preview Anywhere


Snap Preview Anywhere is a new free service that gives your visitors a preview of the sites you link to. When a reader hovers over a link, it large preview screen pops up showing what the site linked site looks like. This helps gives readers an idea on whether to visit the site or not. You can see a demo of this by clicking on the “Try Snap Preview Anywhere here” link at makes money via that Snap search box that opens with the preview window. Large partners are eligible to negotiate a revenue sharing deal for the searches made. Everyone else just gets the preview feature.

I have came across this service on a few blogs already and I’m not so sure I like it. They remind me a lot of the Vibrant Media IntelliTXT ads running on this blog. I am hesitant to install it because I feel there will be too many windows snapping up as readers hover over the links.

What’s your opinion? Would this be something you like to see on this blog? Would you install it on your blog? has signed up over 4,000 site in the first two week of opening. Installation would be easy since a WordPress Plugin has already been created for it.