SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite 3757 Unboxing and Review

In this video, I unbox and review the SmallRig Mini Matte Box Lite 3575. In my opinion, a matte box is a must have for video shooters who shoot outdoors or places where the light is hard to control.

The SmallRig Mini Matte Box is designed for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras to prevent sunlight or other light from causing glare and flare and to control images on the screen. The adjustable carbon-fiber top flag blocks sunlight and prevents internal reflections with its anti-reflective design. Furthermore, it avoids vignetting from even the widest angle lens.

A great feature of the SmallRig Mini Matt Box is it fits different lenses up to 95mm via different ring adapters. The box will go directly over a 95mm lens, but it also comes with 67-95mm, 72-95mm, 77-95mm and 82-95mm adapter rings. More importantly, the adapter ring fits round CPL, ND filters and other round filters of up to 92.5mm.

Being able to use your round filters is great, but the Mini Matte Box also allows you to use 4″ x 5.65″ and 4″ x 4″ plug-in filters as well. The included filter tray provides all-around protection of the filter. It is easy to store and prevents scratches and fingerprints. The Mini Matt Box Lite comes with one filter tray, while the Mini Matt Box comes with two. You can run a round filter on your lens and a 4″ x 5.65″ filter on the Matte Box at the same time.

The Small Rig Mini Matte box Lite 3575 is made from super lightweight carbon fiber material. The unit is portable, compact, and weighs only 108g. This Matte Box will really help to improve the quality of the videos I make at South OC Cars and Coffee. The Small Rig Mini Matte box Lite 3575 is available for $69 direct from SmallRig or at their Amazon store.