Six Solid Steps To Get More Links And Traffic


There’s tons of web stuff to do for my sites, but I just can’t be bothered getting to it – I’m being lazy. If I was smart, I’d be doing some link building or trying to grab some traffic. How? Here’s a few simple ways I could use to get a few links and some traffic to my site.

  • Go search on Twitter what people are talking about. A lot of twitter users have blog, and you can find those in their twitter bio. Check out their blog, find a post you like, and leave them a good comment. (nothing like:”great post, kthxbai!”. You hate spam too right?).
  • Check back in that long-lost forum you haven’t visited in months. Double check if your forum signature is still relevant. Chances are that you have found a better keyword to focus on, so change your signature accordingly, and leave a few new posts.
  • Write a blog post for a popular blogger. (gawd I’m funny!) Give it your best shot – the better your article, the better chance you’ve got for them to publish it. Also, their readers will see how awesome you are and come check out your blog. (Granted, this might not be ideal for lazy bloggers).
  • Think of ten interview questions and write these down. Then go ahead and email this out to other bloggers. As soon as you post the interview on your blog, chances are that they will link back to their interview with you. People like linking to stuff about themselves. I know I do.
  • Go answer questions on Yahoo Answers. Loads of people there, find the right questions and reel in their visitors. If you can answer if someones cat has schizophrenia, or how to get big hair, you’re sorted. People will love you and worship you online.
  • Set up us the Google bomb. If you’ve been reading John Chow’s blog long enough, you know what I’m talking about. If not, basically all you need to do is get other bloggers to link back to you with a certain keyword you want. To make sure they do, give away tons of free stuff. Contests are an excellent link building strategy.

Now, let me just whisper a little piece of advice in your ear – DON’T CARE ABOUT FOLLOW OR NOFOLLOW! A link is a link. Pagerank is overrated. It just seems valuable, because people think it is valuable. I say screw pagerank. I have sites with PR0, yet they are #3 in Google out of 100.000.000 results, and they get me 1.4 million pageviews per month. Its all about the SERPS, not about PR.

So, by the time I finished writing this post, I figured I’d best take a piece of my own advice and try to have this submitted as a guest post. And if you’re reading this, that means my advice worked, and I’ve built a new link to my own blog!