Sitting On Top Of The World


Have you ever wonder what it’s like to sit on a glass floor, 1100 feet above the ground? Well, wonder no more because that is exactly what Sally and I are doing in the above picture.

The CN Tower in Toronto has a floor section made of glass. I’m sure the glass is every bit as strong as the concert floor but it’s still scary to step on it for the first time. Once you start walking on the glass floor for a bit, you feel a lot safer – until some guy starts jumping up and down on it like a mad man. At that point, you have two choices. Either get off the glass ASAP, or join in the jumping. Guess what we did? 😈

At over 1,800 feet high, the CN Tower is the tallest tower in the world. It has the world’s highest observation deck at 1,500 feet. From the top deck, you are so high up, it looks like you’re on a plane. However, the deck has a low ceiling and is very cramp. Most people hang out on the 1,100 feet decks, which has a restaurant, a cafe and the glass floor. Here’s what you see when you look down the glass.