Sites & Sounds of Computex Taipei

Today is the first official day of Computex in Taipei. With nearly 3,000 booths to explore, Computex Taipei is the second largest IT trade show in the world. We spent our first day of the show doing a bunch of private meetings at the Grand Hyatt hotel. We wanted to get the meetings out of the way so we can hit the show floor later in the week. Doing the floor on the opening day is not a good idea – way too crowded.

I will be posting some of the products we saw at these private meetings over at The TechZone. In the mean time, I figure I would show you some of the sites and sounds of Computex and Taipei in general.

Taipei Loves New York


I am not exactly sure where the New York influence of Taipei came from, but there sure is a lot of it. Taipei has their own statue of liberty and it’s right outside the “New York New York” building. New York was a city of recording breaking skyscrapers and Taipei is home to the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Taipei 101.

Where Are Those Arrows Pointing To?


We’re not exactly sure what kind of creatures the Computex mascots are, but we all got a mini version of it. We’re still wondering about the arrow pointing down.

Intel Vs. AMD In Plain Speak


The above picture graphically demonstrates the market share difference between Intel and AMD. The Intel umbrellas continues for another 50 feet.

Why Can’t We Get These Back Home?


Being Evil In Taipei



World’s First Turbo Notebook

This a video of the world’s first turbocharged notebook. The MSI notebook features a turbo button that when pushed, overclocks the system by almost 25%.