Singing with Thermaltake

One party that we always look forward to during Computex is the Thermaltake party. The big reason for that is because Thermaltake has the coolest CEO in the world.

Kenny Lin, AKA the singing CEO, founded Thermaltake in 1999 in his garage and grew the company into a world wide brand. The company had a successful IPO last year, allowing Kenny to expand the company even more.

Kenny is like a breath of fresh air. Asia can be a very class divided society. Bosses are very stuck up and feel they need to separate themselves from their employees. Not Kenny. He likes to party with all his staff and no matter what level they are at the company, they call him Kenny and not Mr. Lin. To top it all off, he’s a pretty good singer.

For most western readers, the Thermaltake party may look pretty strange but it is the most fun of Computex. They had a huge spread of food, beer, Johnny Walker, music, prizes and lots of singing.