Since We’re In A Free Hugging Mood

Long before the Free Hugs Campaign started, I did a little experiment on the streets of Vancouver call National Hug Holiday. This was about ten years ago and my friends and I wanted to see how many people we can get to give us a hug. I would stand at the corner of the very busy Robson and Burrard and tell people that today was National Hug Holiday and ask if I could give them a hug. There’s really no such holiday as far as I know.

The experiment was interesting to say the less. Only about 50% of the girls I asked hugged me. However, 100% of guys gave me a hug. I hope there’s not some secret subliminal message in those results. I’m almost tempted to go back to Robson and Burrard with a Free Hugs sign and see what happens today. I’m sure I can do better than 50% female hugs now that people know about the Free Hugs Campaign. If you don’t know what that is, watch this video.