Showing Some Community Love

I’ve been having a great time exploring the member blogs in my MyBlogLog Community. Currently, the community has 581 members and counting. I encourage all readers to check out the blogs of our community members. I discovered many great blogs this way.

To further reward members for joining my little community, I’ve decided to spread some link love around. I’m going to feature some great blog posts made by community members for you to check out. I enjoyed them and I think you will too.

To increase your chances of being featured in a future community love post, I recommend doing the following steps:

  • Make great blog posts. If the post sucks, I’m not going to link to it.
  • Be active in the community. You may notice that most of the posts highlighted are from community members who are active on this blog. When I’m looking for posts to highlight, my first choice will always be commentators who are also community members.
  • Visit this blog often. If I see you in the “Recent Readers” a lot, chances are good I’ll come visit your blog and check out your posts.
  • Write about me. I’m like Digg. If you write a great post about John Chow, chances are, it’ll hit front page. ๐Ÿ˜€

You can chalk this up to another evil John Chow plan to dominate the blogsphere!