Should I Buy This $40,000 Bed?

I had a chance to experience the ultimate sleep in a bed made by Hästens. It cost over $40,000 (and that’s not even close to the most expensive bed they make!) Should I buy it?

Waking up in a Hästens bed makes all the difference. It’s the world’s finest handmade bed, built withthe ultimate combination of nature’s materials – together with tireless craftsmanship.

With Hästens 2000T series we pushed the boundaries of sleep comfort. It was our first three-part bed, made with a springy bottom section, a thick spring mattress, and a top mattress for even more softness. The effect is revolutionary: however how you turn in the bed, you always feel like you are resting on a cushion of air. No wonder the 2000T has become a worldwide classic. Today it’s developed to perfection.

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