Shopping in Shanghai

I decided to hit up a regular supermarket to get an idea on what prices are like for normal everyday stuff. Because 99.9% of everything is made in China, prices are generally less expensive here than back home in Canada. Add in the 7 to 1 exchange rate between the Canadian dollar and the Chinese RMB and the prices start to look ridiculous sometimes.

For example, our taxi ride to the Shanghai zoo cost just $3.50. If this was back in Canada, the same ride would have cost $25 plus tip. There is no tipping in China. And then there was the lunch that cost me $1.28. Find out what you get for that by watching the video below.

One thing for sure, if you can cover your housing cost, you can live like a king here on the average Canadian income. That’s something worth thinking about for people living the dot com lifestyle. Because we can work from anywhere in the world, we can select a place where the cost of living is so low, we can live high on the hog. However, the best method is to make so much money that you can live high on the hog in any country.