Shop Shop Till You Drop

The day after Christmas is known as Boxing Day. I’m not exactly sure where that term came from but Boxing Day in Canada is like Black Friday in the US. Stores put on an illusion that everything they sell is on sale, when in fact only a few items are deeply discounted and everything else is the same price as before Boxing Day. This doesn’t stop hordes of people from lining up for hours on end to take advantage of the many door crasher specials. For example Visions Electronics had a DVD player for $1.00. I’m not sure how many they had for Boxing Day but people are willing to line up overnight in hope of grabbing one. I wouldn’t do anything like that because 1 – I’m a dot com mogul and 2 – I can get it for free by emailing the manufacturer.

We joined the Boxing Day madness by shopping at stores that didn’t have line-ups. We started at Future Shop because they had 100 Fujifilm DVD+R for just $24.95. Can’t beat that price! While there was no line up to get into the shop, there was a huge line up at the check out counter.

Our next stop was a leather shop in Vancouver. We passed A&B Sound on way there and were amazed to see that A&B had no line up! I have never known A&B Sound not being able to get a line up on Boxing Day. I guess the competition is just too much for the local electronic store. At the leather place, we were a bit disappointed that most of the special were all gone. However, there were still enough jackets there that were discounted enough for me to pick up three; one for me and two for Sarah.

Altogether I believe we spent just under $1,000 this Boxing Day. I guess I can add that to the Christmas shopping bill. Tomorrow we’ll continue the buying spree. Fun stuff.