Shoemoney Sells AuctionAds

TechCrunch reports, and Shoemoney confirms, that AuctionAds has been sold to the owners ReviewMe and Text Link Ads, Media Whiz International.

AuctionAds could go down in history as the fastest growing ad network ever started – it went from zero to 25,000 publishers in just four months. The only problem was the shoe didn’t have the manpower or the experience it takes to handle customer service or the payment systems for a network of that size.

We basically came to the realization that we had to make a choice: AucitonAds/ShoeMoney Media Group INC could bring in a staff of people, train them and all that (which we had ZERO experience in doing) OR we could sell the company to someone who already has tons of experience in that area and can take AuctionAds to the next level.

Neither Shoemoney or Media Whiz would disclose the price paid for the ad network. AuctionAds isn’t making any money yet because it’s still pays out 100% of its eBay money to its publishers, according to TechCrunch.

Are You Making Money With AuctionAds?

I have to wonder how many publishers are making money with AuctionAds. The reason I ask this is because I’ve signed up 300 affiliates to the ad network and I get 2% of whatever they make for the next six month. So far, I’ve $61.67 in affiliate revenue. That means my entire network of 300 referrals earned a grand total of $3,083.50, or $10.28 per publisher. This isn’t per month either. This is since AuctionAds started.

If you’re running AuctionAds, I would love to hear how it’s doing for you. I would test it out but I don’t have any ad space for it at this time.