See You In Guangzhou, China

Hey everyone! I’m off on the second leg of my China trip. Shanghai was a great time but now I’m getting on the plane for a two hour flight to the city of Guangzhou. If any readers in Guangzhou would like to meet up, give me a shout on Twitter.

The cool thing about going to Guangzhou is I’ll be able to understand the locals since the main dialect is Cantonese. My Mandarin really sucks but my Cantonese is good enough that I’ll be able to hold a conversation.

During my time in Guangzhou, I’ll be taking a trip to the village of Punyu. This is the village where I was born and spent most of my childhood. The house where I grew up in is still there and still owned by my family. I’m sure it’ll be quite an eye opener to see the place again. Punyu is a very poor farming village. Our house had no running water or electricity. Cooking was done by an open fire and I had to use a bucket to get water out of the well.

As you no doubt guest, I didn’t came from a rich or money background. This makes me truly appreciate what I have even more. I feel it’s very important to remember where you came from. You never know when you might end up back there. And for me, I will be back there in a few days.