Saturday Night Ramblings

I was quite taken back by the number of positive comments to my post about wanting to be a Google Whore. Feedback is always good. It lets me know that people are actually reading this stuff and it drives me to write and share more. I plan to make more posts in the future about making money on the net. And the stuff I post won’t be stuff you can find easily on the World Wide Web. If you can find it anywhere, then there’s no reason for me to write about it.

I finished up a review of an ADS Tech Mini Drive Kit. This is a hard drive enclosure that looks just like a Mac Mini. I like it a lot more than my old enclosure. I’ll be passing this piece of Hardware to Dan so he can review it for Laptop Gamers. That’s the cool thing about having more than one site in the same sector. I can leverage my review samples to deliver content to multiple sites.

As a new start up, Laptop Gamers would have problems getting hardware from manufacturers to review. That creates a major problem since, no hardware equals no reviews. And no reviews equal very limited content. I solve this problem by having Laptop Gamers review mobile hardware that was originally sent to The TechZone for review.  However, it hasn’t taken long for manufacturers to come knocking on Laptop Gamers’ door. Alienware has already offered up a laptop for review. Look for it soon.