rssHugger Giving Out Free Hugs

rssHugger has decided to take the advice I gave in my review and changed their business model. Instead of charging $10 and a blog post to be listed on the site, all you have to do now is blog about it.

The community has spoken, and we have listened! We have removed the $10 registration fee. Write a blog post reviewing rssHugger and get a 10 year listing absolutely free! We feel that in order to allow the smallest blogs that write quality content to join, we needed to offer a free solution.

The removal of the sign up fee will surely increase the number of blogs that will use the service. Now the site truly have a chance of going viral. Every time a new blog adds itself to the service will mean a new review for rssHugger. It shouldn’t take long to generate hundreds of reviews (and backlinks) to the site. Hell, if it spreads fast enough, rssHugger may even rank on the front page of Google for RSS.

I see my page on rssHugger is now number one on the Top 100 list. :mrgreen: