Riding The Affiliate Summit Segway

Shawn Collins, co-founder of Affiliate Summit, was talking to the Rio All-Suite Hotel on the final morning of the Affiliate Summit and they asked if everything was OK. Shawn said everything was fine but his feet was hurting from so much walking. The Rio, wanting to please a guest who brought them a big convention, offered Shawn a perfect solution for his tired feet – a Segway!

I love the Segway. It’s one of the coolest tech toys ever made. This summer, I plan to head down to the Segway distributor for Western Canada and take some Segways out for a day long test ride. I was invited to do it last year but never got around to it. The fear was I would end up buying one, or three.

Here’s a video of me and Andrew Wee riding the Segway inside the Rio. It took Andrew a little while to figure out how to go forward on the thing. You can see other affiliates riding the Segway at Shawn’s blog.