ReviewMe To Let Bloggers Set Their Price

Starting today, ReviewMe will give the ability for bloggers to set their own review price. Before this, ReviewMe set the review price for the publishers. The price was based on combination of Alexa, Technorati and estimate RSS subscribers. Each was given a one to five start ranking to arrive at an overall ranking. For this blog, the price is $250 per review.

While the ReviewMe blog did state we can set our own price today, I have not been able to find that feature anywhere in the ReviewMe publisher control panel – it looks the same as it did yesterday. I guess they haven’t turn on the feature yet. Even if I can set my own review price, I don’t plan to change it from its current $250.

ReviewMe also announced an affiliate program that should go live on March 1st. It will be nice to see what they do with that. If it’s anything as good as the Text Link Ads (aff) affiliate program, which pays $25 for signing up a new publisher or client, it will be a good moneymaker for most blogs.

When ReviewMe raised my price to $250, I was afraid no one would order reviews from me. However, that proved to be unfounded as I received two orders immediately after the price increase. The Internet Marketing Monitor and North x East were the two sites paying $250 for their reviews. Any other reviews ordered for this month will qualify for a 50% coupon.

The Internet Marketing Monitor was nice enough to do a review of my review. This is a bit on what they had to say.

John’s review was nice. It had lots of links and you could tell that, unlike some of the PPP reviewers, he’d actually spent some time looking around the site. The “side effects” of the review were equally as nice. Compared to the PpP reviews, John’s single review sent us about 5 times more traffic than all 10 PpP reivews combined. The additions to our subscriber list were also about 5 times as much with John’s review than the PpP reviews.

I would definitely say that a review by John Chow is worth the $250 cost.

So far this month, I have made $375 from ReviewMe. That is the highest since joining the network. Will it be enough to help me beat the $3,440.66 I made in January? You’ll find out next month.