ReviewMe Offers Advertorials

Logging into my ReviewMe account today, I noticed they’ve started offering advertorials as well as sponsored reviews. An advertorial is the same as a review except the advertiser writes the content. According to ReviewMe, advertorials have the following advantages for advertisers:

  • You can browse our marketplace of top blogs and choose the blogs to run your message which you remain in full control over.
  • Advertorials also feature full impression and click tracking so you can measure your return on investment.
  • Advertorials are a great way to generate buzz and traffic while controlling the message and measuring your results!

You can see an example of an advertorial running on the Text Link Ads blog. It is best to create your advertorials first and then browse the ReviewMe marketplace of advertorials to find the Blogs you would like to publish your ReviewMe Advertorials. The price to place an advertorial is the same as the price for a sponsored review.

From the blogger’s point of view, this has positive and negative points. On the positive side, you don’t have to do any work or research to do the review since everything is written up for you. On the negative side, you have no control over the message. Like all standard ReviewMe reviews, the publisher has the option to accept or reject the advertorial.

So now the question, would you accept advertorials on your blog?