ReviewMe Fixes Price Gaming


It’s looks like ReviewMe has been paying attention to my recent price gaming post. They no longer list blogs based on pricing. Now all blogs are listed based on star ranking.

It’s good to see ReviewMe is paying attention to publishers’ concerns. I like the solution they came up with. Blogs can still set their own prices but where they rank on the ReviewMe page will based on how many stars their blogs have.

As the only five star blog in the Blogs categories, it doesn’t matter what I set my price to, I will always be at the top. However, if another five star blog came along and priced itself at $301, it would push me down to number two. So, there can still be price gaming but it’ll be no where near as bad as before because higher star blogs will tend to price themselves more realistically than a one star blog.

My blog still looks like quite a bargain. It’s no wonder I’ve been getting so many ReviewMe requests. With the new way ReviewMe is displaying the blogs now, I expect the number of requests to keep increasing. I am 100% sure that I will be increasing my review price at the end of this month.