Revamp Your Complete Facebook Strategy

Facebook advertising can get pretty tough if you don’t know what metrics to focus on. Each year, Facebook adds more users to their existing number and this means you’ll have so many more people to engage through your page and/or ad campaign. Testing and tweaking is truly the way to go to improve your success on Facebook and I recommend to everyone to keep trying different things to find out what provides the best results. With so much research and data available online, I’m always finding cool new ways to attract a larger audience through my Facebook campaigns and pages. I’ve learned what metrics to pay close attention to which NOT only provides increased engagement, but also a higher ROI.

When posting to Facebook, you might want to consider the following…

Focus on Big Name Companies

Everyone is using Facebook and this means even the Fortune 500 companies. These companies tend to have a larger marketing budget and have experts in charge of their marketing campaigns. I like to find popular companies in my niche and pay close attention to what they’re doing because they’ve tested everything out. I’ve noticed this can be broken down into the following:

Openness – Big name companies have succeeded because they have shown followers what goes on inside the company. Full disclosure has been proven build trust with their audience.

Access – Provide users with a way to interact and speak with you about issues. This means giving them access to your community and to “you” so they can get solutions when they need them.

Positivity – A company that provides positivity to their audience will succeed because it draws people into your page. Positivity has also allowed for people to express their opinion openly, which allows you to find creative ways to improve your business.

The Right Timing

I can’t stress how important it is to make sure you post during the right times. I suggest always running a campaign or simply “share” at all times when first starting out. It’s important to collect data so you can tweak going forward. Some companies have found success when posting at non-peak times because others are stagnant, providing users with little choice during those times. However, the only way to find out is by posting at different times and tracking the results going forward. Here’s what matters in the end…

  • Find what times give you highest engagement
  • Find what times provide the highest ROI
  • Try all times and track always

Share Original Content + Photos

We all know how original high quality content is important in ensuring loyalty from users but it’s time to shake things up by being different. Big companies have found that sharing photos of the companies and employees is a great way to build loyalty. Why? It shows there is a real person behind the company and people can relate better to others than simple content. If you’re a single blogger then it might help to share photos of you and your family.

If you scroll through, you’ll see several pictures of John Chow with his family travelling, eating, etc. This just adds value to his blog because people can relate to a human more than just the text.

Always Ask Questions

I’ve seen many people post content, but very little will ask their followers questions. Have you ever thought using such an approach will create a level of respect with your audience? Asking your followers questions will show them you care about their opinion and are continually looking to improve your blog. A simple question after “sharing” your content can go a very long way, which is way many top bloggers have a comment box towards the bottom of their content. However, your approach on Facebook should be a bit different because instead of just sharing, you should post a question with your content. This will start a debate on your wall and it’s a great way to pull topic ideas at the same time.

For optimal success, try out each strategy and tweak your campaign accordingly. Timing is a big part of this strategy because you don’t want to post during times when people in your niche are NOT engaging on Facebook.

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