Resetting Top Commentator To Every 5 Days

OK, for some strange reason, having the Top Commentators update every week wasn’t working correctly. There were adding errors and a name that hasn’t commented in over a month (because she changed her name) suddenly appeared back on the list. So, now I’m going to try something new.

Instead of fooling around with the weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. I’m going to set the Top Commentator for 5 days. I believe it doesn’t reset to zero after five days. What the count show is how many comments the Top Commentators made in the past 5 days. It is a running total – as a new day is added, the fifth day is dropped. If you’re gone for more than 5 days without making a comment, you’re off the list.

I believe this is now tracking correctly. I had it set to monthly and the numbers were identical to 5 days, which would be correct since this is the 5th day of the month. What I can’t believe however, is how Saman Sadeghi and lyndonmaxewell have over 200 comments each. That’s an average of over 40 comments per day! Do you guys live here or something?