Replaced Even Before The Review Is Done


ATP Electronics sent me the MicroSD combo product in the above picture. It is a neat little product designed to solve your mobile storage needs. The products bundle MicroSD memory card with a USB device. When inserted into the USB device, the MicroSD card is transformed into a USB flash drive, which can then be used to transfer files to your computer. New generation smartphone users will benefit greatly from this product because it provides a direct interface between their cell phone and computer.

However, before I can even have a chance to do the review, ATP has already replaced the product with this new one.

ATP Electronics ATP 512MB SD Trio Professional Plus

It’s basically still the same product, only now they’ve added a MiniSD adapter to the mix. It has also received a new name – ATP SD Trio Professional Plus. The SD Trio was recently selected as the winner of the CES Innovations 2007 Designs and Engineering Award in the Computer Accessories category. ATP will be showcasing the SD Trio Professional Plus at the CES in Las Vegas.

Now I’m left with a dilemma on how to review a product that has been replaced before it even hit the market. Performance is still the same; the only upgrade is the inclusion of the MiniSD adapter. I guess I will review it as is and let the reader know that the units they get in stores will have an extra adapter.