What Is Reciprocal Link Building?

Recently, I was doing some research online and found a cool way to request link backs to relevant content. Right now, I would like you to Google “keyword” + resources and see what results pop up. After you can also research “keyword” + add URL and gather a list of websites which you’ll be contacting later on. Before continuing, reciprocal link building is when people are more than happy to link back to your content in exchange for a link back to theirs. Many times this works out great especially if you are a newbie in the industry and are looking for a quick way to build momentum online. However, when I was exploring this opportunity, I found out that it’s an excellent way to find other opportunities too if you continue to do research.

Let’s get started…


As mentioned performing a few searches using your keyword + relevant phrases will allow you to generate a list of resourceful websites. Here are a few combinations which have worked well for me:

  • Keyword + “service not available”
  • Keyword + “page no longer exists”
  • Keyword + “this website is no longer updated”
  • Keyword + “this page is no longer updated”
  • Keyword + “no longer available”
  • Keyword + “website closed”
  • Keyword + “service no longer available”

Once you generate your results, it’s important to start skimming through them looking for the right websites. You are looking for pages which have closely related resources. You have to keep in mind the importance relevant and authority plays in ranking especially to Google. I always look for relevant anchor text on the page then paste the URL in Ahrefs.com or OpensiteExplorer.org to find out how valuable these resources are. You should always target those pages which will provide as much value. Next,

When you go to submit a link on these pages, you want to check if they require a reciprocal link for them to post your link. If they do this, it’s a good thing and you’ll learn why in the next section.

What’s next?

First, you should submit your website to the websites on your list because it’s a great way for you to get authority links to your website. Many people are against reciprocal links however if you are just starting out this is a great way to increase your rankings. This will help get them increased quickly because each site is of authority and relevant which is why I encouraged everyone to do the initial website. Secondly, add the reciprocal link on a relevant page so it makes sense and adds value to your website too. It’s NOT uncommon for sites to list resources however you’ve noticed they all provide value to the visitor. When you place the other websites link on your page focus on relevancy of that page before proceed. Third, here’s my secret technique…

I visit every other website on the page because in order for them to be listed they MUST have a resource page too. They have to add a reciprocal link to each other so you know this is an excellent opportunity for you to jump in a get some other cool links. You’ll find a handful of awesome authority links which you can make quick use of and contact for a link on their resources page in exchange for a link on yours. You have just cut your research in half and build high authority links very quickly in a short period of time. Remember, these rules before proceeding:

  • Always check value and authority
  • Always check relevance
  • Add links to relevant pages with solid keywords
  • Mix up your anchor text because Google loves it
  • Don’t jeopardize quality for a simple link back. There are many opportunities available to you.

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