Reaching The Boiling Point

The Boiling Point is a Taiwanese Hot Soup specialty restaurants with locations in Southern California, Washington State, and Vancouver, Canada.

The chain was founded on the “Honesty, Royalty & Reliability” business model. Honesty and reliability, I can understand. However, I’m not quite sure what Boiling Point has in mind for royalty.

There are two locations in Irvine, and they are less than 1000 feet from each other. One Boiling Point is for people who made the mistake of not making a reservation. The line up is like an hour long. You won’t get the royal treatment there! The other Boiling Point is for people who were smart enough to make a reservation. Lucky for me, I’m a smart guy.

The hot soups at Boiling Point range from mild to “I can’t feel my mouth” hot. Being a glutton for punishment, I went with the hottest soup available. I won’t make that mistake the next time I have lunch there.

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