Rating The Comments With Comment Karma

If you have a really sharp eye, you would have noticed that I installed a new WordPress Plugin, call Comment Karma, that allows you to rate the comments of other commentators. If you look at the comments of each writer, you’ll see a thumbs up and thumbs down icon next to their name.

  • Pressing thumbs up gives +1 Karma
  • Pressing thumbs down gives -1 Karma

The Plugin keeps a running count of the karma the comment receives. I installed this Plugin to allow commentators to get an idea on what readers think about their comments. Make a good comment and you should get lots of positive karma. Make a spam comment and watch your karma go into the negative.

The Plugin is the work of Alex Bailey of Tech Reads. Installation is a little more involved – you need to enter your database information – than most WordPress Plugins but it is still very straightforward.

Unfortunately, the Plugin doesn’t offer any stats. There is no way to tell who has the most karma on their comments. It would have been really cool if Bailey added a leader board feature like the Top Commentator Plugin.

To test the new Plugin I invite all readers to make a comment and rate the other comments on this blog. Let’s see who can get the highest karma score. Enjoy!