Randomize Banners with Got Banners WordPress Plugin

When I created those 125×125 ad buttons, they were at fixed locations – the first buyer bought the first spot and the second bought the second and so on. The main problem with this setup was higher up buttons had better click rate than the lower ones. With all advertisers paying the same monthly price, that wasn’t fair. I wanted some way to rotate the buttons so every advertiser would get even exposure. This was when Shrihari Sankaran of Got Chance emailed me.

The Got Banner Randomizer

Shrihari asked me if he can code up a “randomizer” for my ad buttons. What it would do is rearrange the banners into a random order on every page refresh. It was exactly what I was looking for and Shrihari coded the randomizer in a day. Then he made one that would work with any number of banners. I told Shrihari that if he made this into a WordPress plug it would be a big hit.

I Asked, Shrihari Delivered

Got Banners is a simple banner rotating plugin for WordPress. Unlike other banner rotators, Got Banners displays all the banners provided simultaneously. But, in a different random order each time. This ensure all advertisers get even exposure at every banner locations throughout the day. You can see it operate on this blog by hitting the refresh button.

This plugin comes with a normal version as well as a widgetized version, both are built in. The plugin works with an unlimited number of banners so as long as they’re the same size. Got Banner is ideally suited for application like what I’m using it for. However, even if you don’t sell private advertising, Got Banner can be used for randomizing affiliate buttons from Text Link Ads, Google AdSense or any other affiliate program.

Download Got Banners