Racking Up The Air Miles – Off To Germany Then Las Vegas

It seem like only yesterday that I was at the airport flying to Miami. Actually that was only two weeks ago. Here I am again at the Vancouver International Airport waiting for a flight that will take me half way around to world to Dresden, Germany. This is the start of a ten day trip that will end in Las Vegas. After this trip, I think I’m going to take a vacation.

I generally have no problems flying overseas. I don’t seem to have any problems adjusting to the time zone difference. It’s coming home that present the problems. The last time I came back from Shanghai I had a case of jet lag.

I’m going to Germany to give a keynote for the annual Society of American Travel Writers convention. In addition to the keynote, I’ll be doing a workshop on how to make money online. Then I plan on taking a bunch of tours that Tourism Germany had arranged for SATW members. Expect to see lots of fun pictures and videos.

I’ll be flying from Leipzig to Las Vegas for Blog World Expo on Oct. 13. The flight will take three connections (Leipzig to Munich, Munich to Chicago, Chicago to Las Vegas) and nearly 19 hours to complete. If you see me fall asleep during my Blog World Expo panel, you’ll know why.