Qualities All Successful People Share

Everyone wants to be successful and they work hard at building the characteristics common among them. With research, you’ll find all successful people have qualities in common like motivation, hard work, creativity, money management, etc. However, there are others many of you might not be aware of and making certain tweaks will help build them. Every week, I start skimming through some of the business blogs I’m part of, looking for awesome content to read and absorb. I then spend another 2-3 weeks implementing some of the strategies into my own lifestyle, tracking how it’s changed my productivity. Recently, I’ve noticed waking up 2 hours earlier allows me to produce 2 more pieces of content either for my guest or personal blogs. It’s amazing how a quick shift in your sleeping pattern can have such a dramatic effect on productivity.

This month, I’ve been testing a few more things and I’ll provide an update during the end. However, today, I wanted to discuss other qualities all successful people share and some you can apply to your mind frame.

Understand Others’ Problems

Much of the success people find these days is based on existing problems. Ask anyone, it’s going to be very hard to find a new niche that hasn’t been tapped into yet so you have to put yourself in others’ shoes. Being able to understand the problems of others will allow you to understand what you do to in order to come up with a solution. However, without being empathetic, you won’t know the emotional pain of others. If you want to be successful, then focus on solving a common problem and be the best at it. This means understanding others and what they are going through.


There are many ways to use this term, however, I’m talking about persistence and never giving up. Did you know most of the successful people we look up to had one dream and they made sure no obstacles got in their way? They found a way to solve all problems and were never de-motivated NOT to continue. This is something all successful people share, which is being relentless in their work. Finding a way to solve every problem you encounter will help you grow as a person, allowing you to be flexible moving forward.

Money Management

I look at spending money in two ways: stupid and smart.

Successful people have great money management skills and only spend money when it’s smart for the business during the initial months. When starting, your business is fragile so it’s important you keep an eye on every penny going out of the business. This is money you need to market your business or invest in innovation. Every successful person I’ve researched has been very careful with spending money and focus on reinvesting into their business. Here’s the amazing thing…

Some of these people made NO money for the first 2 years of their business because they kept reinvesting back into the business.

No Working Hours

Bill Gates is famously known for sleeping under his desk when starting Microsoft and that’s only for 3-4 hours before starting work again. In total, he used to work 50-60 hours a week easily because his passion was in his company. Most successful people ignore the 40 hours a week cycle and work as much as they can. The number one reason for doing this is very simple…

Successful people know their competitors are NOT doing it and every extra hour they spend working is giving them an upper edge on their competition. Even the late great Steve Jobs use to spend 60 hours a week in the office, working on innovative designs.

You Don’t Expect Anything In Return

Those who are successful don’t expect anything in return so depend on themselves to get the work done. This is important because psychologically, you’re only going to blame yourself if things go wrong and will work hard to fix them on your own. If you expect others to get the work done for you, then you’re going to limit your initial growth, which can be devastating for an initial start up. However, if you don’t expect anything in return for your hard work, you’ll be much happier because every reward is brought on by you. Keep in mind, to be successful, don’t expect anything in return from people around you.

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